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Increase your productivity and improve the quality of your products with our advanced air knives

DOVAC air knives or air knives produce a laminar air flow and are perfect for drying, cooling or cleaning a variety of products and parts. DOVAC’s air knives or air knive systems are the ideal solution for removing moisture, dust or dirt from all kinds of shapes and materials.

Drying, cleaning or cooling products in motion efficiently is often a difficult task. They often use expensive compressed air. A low pressure (LD) air knife is composed of a plenum with a smooth specially dimensioned exit slot. The ratio of plenum to outlet slot is very important to ensure uniform energy-efficient airflow along the entire length of the LD air blade.

Using a DOVAC side channel blower in combination with an air blade requires much less energy consumption compared to compressed air blowing systems! DOVAC Blower Technology uses side channel blowers. Also called regenerative blower. These blowers are distinguished by high efficiency, low maintenance and low noise level. So they are very reliable.

Benefits of the DOVAC blower system:

  • Optimized energy consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Lower noise level
  • Pure, oil-free and dry air
  • Easy to assemble(assembly kit available)
  • Safe due to low pressure

Application examples:

Drying: water, remove residual moisture from e.g. cans, bottles, etc.
Cooling: of plastic products, metal parts, etc.
Cleaning: remove residue/chips in machine parts, etc.
Blow-out and blow-off: removal of dust in packaging processes.

Together with you, DOVAC designs an optimized environmentally friendly system with minimal cost. The air knives are available in Aluminum and stainless steel, finding application in all industries. For questions about further application possibilities with air knives, DOVAC specialists are ready to assist you!