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Air gun

A version with an air gun can be used more focused on a smaller product, or in combination with a robot where more difficult areas are more easily reached.

A DOVAC air gun has the same operation as an air knife, however, it creates a cone-shaped air stream. Like the air knife, an air cannon is easy to assemble, has moving parts and is durable. This is also where the air steam is evenly distributed at high speeds.

DOVAC air guns are available in stainless steel and aluminum. With diameters from 13mm, 19mm to a maximum of 25mm.

Article number A B C
640AIRCANON13ALU 76 100 33
640AIRCANON13RVS 76 100 33
640AIRCANON19ALU 76 100 33
640AIRCANON19RVS 76 100 33
640AIRCANON25ALU 76 100 33
640AIRCANON25RVS 76 100 33

Application examples:

  • Drying: water, remove residual moisture from such things as cans, bottles, etc.
  • Cooling: of plastic products, metal parts, etc.
  • Cleaning: remove residues/chips in machine parts and the like
  • Out,- and blow off: removal of dust in packaging processes