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Aluminum air knives

Aluminum air knives are often cheaper, lighter weight and available in longer lengths. They are often used in construction or non-food industries.

DOVAC air knives or air knives produce a laminar air flow and are perfect for drying, cooling or cleaning a variety of products and parts. This airflow also sucks ambient air with it, further increasing the effectiveness of the air knife. A recognizable example is blowing cars dry in the car wash.

Aluminum air knives are available in widths from 100mm to 3000mm. The advantages of our air knives are accuracy, high temperature differences, large pressure differences and adjustable slot widths.

We supply our DOVAC air knives in various designs tailored to the specific application. The dimensions of the area to be blown off determine the required length of the air blade, combined with the power a blower must provide.

Article number A B C D
640LUCHTM 51 – 100-3000 ALU 51 0,8-5 100-3000 M8
640LUCHTM 63 – 100-3000 ALU 63 0,8-5 100-3000 M8
640LUCHTM 76 – 100-3000 ALU 76 0,8-5 100-3000 M8

Application examples:

  • Drying: water, remove residual moisture from such things as cans, bottles, etc.
  • Cooling: of plastic products, metal parts, etc.
  • Cleaning: remove residues/chips in machine parts and the like
  • Out,- and blow off: removal of dust in packaging processes