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DOVAC Aluminum Air Knives

Lightweight and Efficient

Aluminum air knives are usually more economical, lighter and available in longer sizes. These are mostly used in the construction and non-food industries.

DOVAC air knives, or air knives, generate a laminar airflow ideal for drying, cooling, or cleaning various products and parts. This airflow also attracts ambient air, increasing its effectiveness, as seen when drying cars in car washes.

Aluminum air knives are available from a width of 100mm to 3000mm. Their advantages include precise air control, ability to handle high temperature and pressure differences, and customizable slot widths for different applications.

The lightweight properties of DOVAC’s aluminum air knives make them highly suitable for applications where the air knives must be moved frequently or where the structure supporting them cannot support much weight. This makes them ideal for mobile systems or for installations in areas with limited construction options. In addition, the lightweight aluminum makes installation and maintenance easier and less time-consuming, which also reduces installation costs. The durability of the material ensures a long service life even under harsh operating conditions, making them a cost-effective long-term choice.

In addition, DOVAC’s aluminum air knives offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation due to their design and choice of materials. This not only reduces noise levels during operation, contributing to a more pleasant working environment, but also helps improve energy efficiency by minimizing heat loss. These properties make aluminum air knives particularly effective in situations where temperature control is critical, such as in drying processes where consistency and precision of airflow are essential to the quality of the final product.

We offer our DOVAC air knives in a variety of designs specifically tailored to the application. The size of the area to be dried dictates the required length of the air knife, along with the required power of the blower.

Article number A B C D
640LUCHTM 51 – 100-3000 ALU 51 0,8-5 100-3000 M8
640LUCHTM 63 – 100-3000 ALU 63 0,8-5 100-3000 M8
640LUCHTM 76 – 100-3000 ALU 76 0,8-5 100-3000 M8

Application examples:

  • Drying: water, remove residual moisture from such things as cans, bottles, etc.
  • Cooling: of plastic products, metal parts, etc.
  • Cleaning: remove residues/chips in machine parts and the like
  • Out,- and blow off: removal of dust in packaging processes