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Discover DOVAC Claw Pumps

Efficiency and Versatility in Air Displacement

Claw pumps work by rotating two hooked rotors in a suitably shaped chamber, creating and transporting air volumes from the inlet channel to the outlet channel. The rotors rotate without contact with each other and are synchronized by gears. This rotation is completely dry, without the need for lubricants or the formation of residues generated by friction during rotation. The gears, which provide synchronized rotation of the rotors and their bearings, are lubricated with oil and shielded in a compartment separated from the rotor rotation chamber by gaskets and seals.

DOVAC claw pumps offer significant advantages, including low operating costs due to modest energy consumption and high efficiency. Maintenance is kept to a minimum, and thanks to the lack of friction between the moving rotors, performance is maintained over time.

In addition, all models can also be used as compressors, making them versatile.

DOVAC claw pumps are also exceptionally environmentally friendly, since they do not use oil or other lubricants in the air displacement chamber, resulting in clean exhaust air. This is crucial for applications within sectors such as the food industry and medical fields, where contamination-free air is a requirement. The efficiency of these pumps in delivering clean air contributes to a healthier work environment and helps companies comply with strict regulations on emissions and air quality.

The robust designs of DOVAC claw pumps ensure long life and resistance to wear, even under the most demanding conditions. Their ability to efficiently move high volumes of air makes them ideal for applications such as pneumatic conveying and packaging processes, where reliable and constant airflow is essential. The versatility of these pumps as both vacuum pump and compressor provides valuable flexibility for companies seeking cost-effective and space-saving solutions to their operational needs.

Main use sectors

  • Food industry
  • Environment
  • Medical
  • Packaging
  • Plastics, rubber, resin
  • Printing and paper conversion
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Glass, marble, wood

PA 155 / PA 315

Rated capacity: 155 – 300m3/h

VA 155 / VA 155-1 / VA 315 / VA 315-1

Rated capacity: 155 – 250 m 3/h


Rated capacity: 310 – 750 m 3/h