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Rated capacity: 60 – 90 m³/h

A powerful centrifugal fan, strategically placed between the pump and motor, ensures effective cooling, while a robust soundproof enclosure makes the CC 60 and CC 80 dry vacuum pumps remarkably quiet and compact. Equipped with high-quality graphite blades, these pumps maintain low internal operating temperatures, ensuring blade durability. Maintenance is simplified thanks to the removable front grille, which allows direct access to the blades for quick replacement without dismantling the entire crankcase.

Dry vacuum pump cc 60 / cc 80

Optimization of the inlet and outlet stages improves energy efficiency, keeping energy consumption constant from atmospheric pressure to absolute final pressure.

The CC 60 and CC 80 compressors come standard with:

  • Protective suction filter

Main application areas: oxygenation and purification of wastewater; waste disposal systems; construction of solar panels.

CC 60

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CC 80

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