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Rated capacity: 20 – 29m3/h

Experience the compact lubricated vacuum pumps LC 20 and LC 25, known for their small size, quiet operation and easy maintenance. These pumps feature an advanced reduction and recovery system, complete with a bypass and new float oil for the recovery valve, eliminating oil vapors at the outlet. A special sealing device also prevents oil from rising when the pump stops under vacuum. The LC 20 is suitable for continuous suction in a pressure range of 400 to 2 mbar (Abs.), while the LC 25 is ideal for applications with a pressure range of 400 to 0.5 mbar (Abs.).

Oil lubricated vacuum pump LC 20 / LC 25

The LC 20 and LC 25 pumps come standard with:

  • Oil check valve
  • Exhaust cleaner
  • Automatic float oil recovery valve
  • Adjustable suction connection
  • Ballast always placed
  • Anti-vibration
  • Thermal protection (1~ only)
  • BV32 oil package (LC 20)
  • BV68 oil package (LC 25)

Main application areas: vacuum packaging machines; wrapping machines; precious metal casting; dental industry; graphic design and paper production; pantographs for glass and marble; suction lifters; garage equipment.

LC 20

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LC 25

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