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Optimize your productivity and improve the quality of your products with DOVAC's advanced air knives.

Increase your Productivity with DOVAC Air Knives

Optimize your productivity and improve the quality of your products with DOVAC’s advanced air knives.

Efficient and Powerful Air Technology:

Our DOVAC air knives offer an innovative solution to use compressed air energy efficiently for cooling, drying or cleaning products in various industrial applications. An airknife, also known as an airknife, is a cylindrical tube with a smooth outlet slot that directs an even, non-turbulent airflow to the product due to its specific design and aerodynamics.

  • Optimized energy consumption: Save on energy costs thanks to the efficient operation of our air knives.
  • Low maintenance costs: Our air knives are designed for reliability and require minimal maintenance.
  • Lower noise level: Enjoy a quiet working environment thanks to the quiet design of our systems.
  • Clean, oil-free and dry air: Our air knives deliver reliable and clean airflow without oil or moisture, which is essential for product quality.
  • Easy Installation: Our systems are easy to install with optional mounting kits for seamless integration into your production environment.
  • Safety: The DOVAC blower system operates at low pressure, promoting safety on the job.

DOVAC offers custom solutions for each application, tailoring the air knife design to your specific needs.

Optimize your production process and enjoy the benefits of DOVAC air knives for your business.





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