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Diaphragm / Piston Pump

Versatility and Performance

Piston pumps can operate without problems in environments with humid air currents and have no specific operating limitations.

DOVAC also offers versions with a protective housing and intake filter, which can be supplied as a mobile unit. The operating principle of piston pumps relies on a piston moving up and down in a cylinder. This piston is equipped with valves that suck in and blow out air. When used as compressors, they produce a pulsating airflow, so it may sometimes be necessary to connect them to a storage tank.

DOVAC’s piston pump mobile units are particularly useful for applications that require equipment to be moved quickly and easily between different locations or within a large facility. This makes them ideal for use in construction or during maintenance operations where access to a reliable vacuum source at multiple points is essential. The addition of protective housings and suction filters increases the durability and reliability of the pumps, even in dusty or dirty environments, and helps extend the life of the unit.

In addition, DOVAC’s piston pumps offer a high level of performance and consistency, essential for critical applications in the medical and analytical sectors. Their ability to operate effectively in humid airflows without loss of efficiency or functionality makes them particularly valuable in laboratory settings and other environments where moisture can often be a complicating factor. This versatility, combined with the ability to also function as a compressor, allows DOVAC to cover a wide range of industrial and commercial needs.

Main use sectors

  • Medical
  • Analyst
  • Building

ZB 12 / ZB 12C

Rated capacity: 12 – 14 l/min


Rated capacity: 12 l/min

ZB 15

Rated capacity: 14 – 18 l/min


Rated capacity: 20 l/min

ZB 30

Rated capacity: 28 – 32 l/min


Rated capacity: 30 l/min

ZA 32

Rated capacity: 32 – 38 l/min

ZA 60S / ZA 100P

Rated capacity: 60 – 120 l/min

ZA 200P

Rated capacity: 186 – 224 l/min