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Diaphragm / Piston Pump

Piston pumps can operate without problems in environments with humid air currents and have no specific operating limitations.

DOVAC also offers versions with a protective housing and intake filter, which can be supplied as a mobile unit. The operating principle of piston pumps relies on a piston moving up and down in a cylinder. This piston is equipped with valves that suck in and blow out air. When used as compressors, they produce a pulsating airflow, so it may sometimes be necessary to connect them to a storage tank.

Main use sectors

  • Medical
  • Analyst
  • Building

ZB 12 / ZB 12C

Rated capacity: 12 – 14 l/min


Rated capacity: 12 l/min

ZB 15

Rated capacity: 14 – 18 l/min


Rated capacity: 20 l/min

ZB 30

Rated capacity: 28 – 32 l/min


Rated capacity: 30 l/min

ZA 32

Rated capacity: 32 – 38 l/min

ZA 60S / ZA 100P

Rated capacity: 60 – 120 l/min

ZA 200P

Rated capacity: 186 – 224 l/min