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Vacuum 2 stage

A DOVAC two-stage side channel fan works in a similar way to a single stage side channel fan, but it has an extra stage that provides a higher compression ratio and deeper vacuum than a single stage. This design offers higher vacuum degree and efficiency than a 1-stage side channel fan.

Two-stage side channel blowers are used in applications where a deeper vacuum or higher pressure is required than what a single stage can provide. These applications can include vacuum lifting equipment, vacuum packaging machines, medical equipment and industrial processes that require high vacuum or greater differential pressure.


  • Type ZDI-2, two-stage side channel fan.
  • Compactly built blower
  • Air-cooled
  • Non-contact compression
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Low-vibration operation
  • Deployable for overpressure and vacuum applications
  • Deployable up to differential pressure:
  • 2-stage blowers max. 600 mbar

Main use sectors:

Packaging industry:In the packaging industry, side channel blowers are used to create vacuum conditions essential for packaging products ranging from food to pharmaceuticals. They provide reliable and consistent vacuum force, contributing to efficient packaging processes and long-term product freshness.

Laboratory Research: Vacuum systems are widely used in laboratories for various purposes, such as evaporation processes, material coating, and creating a controlled environment for experiments.

Medical Equipment: Side channel fans are often integrated into medical equipment such as vacuum pumps for medical suction systems and vacuum extractors. These applications are crucial in hospitals, laboratories and medical facilities for procedures such as surgery, dentistry and medical research.

Industrial Automation: Side channel fans are also used in industrial automation applications, such as vacuum grippers and vacuum lifters. They provide a powerful and reliable vacuum source for handling and moving various materials and products in production processes.

Environmental engineering: In environmental engineering applications, side channel blowers are used to create vacuum in various processes, such as air and gas purification, water treatment, and soil remediation. They play an essential role in removing contaminants and maintaining optimal environmental conditions.

Process industry: In various process industries, such as chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing, side channel blowers play a crucial role in creating vacuum conditions for different process steps. From filtration to drying materials, these fans provide consistent vacuum force for efficient and accurate operation.



150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500
BLOWER TYPE kW Maximum pressure difference mbar FLOW AT HIGHER PRESSURE DIFFERENCE in m3/h diluted air
ZDI80-2-075-3 0,75 210 35 20
ZDI150-2-15-3 1,5 280 95 75 55
ZDI150-2-22-3 2,2 320 95 75 55 30
ZDI210-2-3-3 3 340 160 165 110 80 60
ZDI210-2-4-3 4 390 160 135 110 80 60
ZDI320-2-3-3 3 250 250 225 200
ZDI320-2-4-3 4 380 250 225 200 170 140
ZDI320-2-55-3 5,5 430 250 225 200 170 140 110
ZDI500-2-55-3 5,5 260 280 200
ZDI550-2-75-3 7,5 350 495 460 435 395 365
ZDI550-2-11-3 13 430 495 460 435 395 365 250