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DOVAC Spare Parts

Quality and Reliability

Discover the most economical solution for replacing parts of your vacuum pump with our original spare parts kits.

Choose original spare parts that ensure quality and warranty.
In our warehouse we keep maintenance kits of the most common products in stock and you can count on fast delivery times.
DOVAC works exclusively with original spare parts.

Below you can download DVP’s current spare part list for your vacuum pump.
If you are looking for spare parts of other brands, you can request them from us.

At DOVAC, we understand that the timely availability of spare parts is critical to minimizing downtime in your manufacturing processes. Therefore, we strive not only to deliver quickly, but also to ensure that our inventory is constantly updated to meet demand. Our efficient inventory management system ensures that regardless of your specific needs, we can quickly deliver the parts you need. This helps maintain your equipment with minimal interruption, allowing your operations to continue smoothly and without unplanned downtime.

In addition, DOVAC offers comprehensive support to ensure you find the right parts for your specific machines. Our experienced team is ready to help you identify the right parts that will ensure optimal performance and extended life of your equipment. Whether you need technical specifications or help navigating our extensive parts list, we offer the expertise you need to make the right decisions for your maintenance needs.