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Rated capacity: 4 – 4.4 m³/h 2.7 CFM

DVP’s CPV 4/8 vacuum pumps are designed specifically for use in construction and in situations where a convenient, easily portable buffer tank is required to power suction cups or fastening equipment. The connection is made via a ball valve, to which a vacuum gauge is also connected to continuously monitor the pressure level in the tank. With their robust design and ease of use, these vacuum pumps are ideal for a variety of applications where reliability and mobility are essential.

Discover the DVP CPV 4/8

DVP’s CPV 4/8 industrial vacuum pumps are powerful devices designed specifically to meet the demands of the construction industry. These pumps are equipped with an on/off switch, a durable power cord and a tank drain plug, making them ideal for use as vacuum units in conjunction with core drills or sanders. Their robust design makes them not only reliable for heavy-duty work, but also ideal for applications where durability and long-term performance are required.

Optimized Functionality for Building Applications

CPV 4/8 vacuum pumps are specifically designed to provide high functionality and efficiency in construction environments. They feature an easily movable buffer tank that is essential for powering suction cups or fastening equipment, making them very convenient on construction sites. The presence of a ball valve and an attached vacuum gauge allows users to continuously monitor the pressure level in the tank, ensuring optimal performance and safety during operation.

Reliability and Mobility for Industrial Applications

The CPV 4/8 vacuum pumps are distinguished by their ease of use and mobility, making them an excellent choice for the dynamic demands of the construction industry. These vacuum pumps are designed to be easily moved between different work locations without sacrificing performance or reliability. Their powerful suction capacity and ability to deliver consistently high pressure make them indispensable for professionals who depend on efficient and effective vacuum solutions in their daily operations.

CPV 4/8 industrial vacuum pumps from DVP come standard with:

  • On/Off switch
  • Power cable
  • Tank drain plug

Main application areas: Construction industry as a vacuum unit for core drills or sanders.


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