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Rated capacity: 12 – 14m3/h

The LC 12 lubricated vacuum pump is characterized by its exceptionally compact dimensions and the ability to achieve low final pressure (absolute), which are its main strengths. This pump is equipped with an effective reduction and recovery system in the tank, ensuring complete absence of oil vapors at discharge. In addition, a sealing mechanism prevents oil from rising when the pump stops under vacuum. The suction connection can be easily adjusted by the user thanks to a special fitting. With the LC 12, you are assured of optimum performance and reliability.

Oil lubricated vacuum pump lc 12

The LC 12 pump is suitable for evacuating closed containers and continuous suction within a pressure range of 400 to 2 mbar (Abs).

The LC 12 pump comes standard with:

  • Oil check valve
  • Exhaust cleaner
  • Automatic float oil recovery valve
  • Ballast always placed
  • Thermal protection (1~ only)
  • BV32 oil package

Main application areas: machines for filling and sealing food products, food packaging and food formation and production of PET containers.

LC 12

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