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Rated capacity: 205 – 365m3/h

The LC 205 and LC 305 lubricated vacuum pumps feature an updated design and improved performance. One of the key innovations is the improved efficiency in separating oil from the air, ensuring smoke-free airflow to the exhaust. Thanks to motors of IE3 efficiency class, not only silence is improved, but also energy efficiency.

The gas ballast is equipped with a manual exclusion valve, which can be used to achieve a higher vacuum if necessary. In addition, the ease of maintenance is significantly improved. The unique oil separation filter can be replaced in just a few simple steps.

Oil lubricated vacuum pump LC 205 / LC 305

The LC 205 and LC 305 pumps come standard with:

  • Oil check valve
  • Exhaust cleaner
  • Automatic float oil recovery valve
  • Ballast with manual exclusion valve
  • Anti-vibration
  • Oil filter with bypass
  • Motor transmission with flexible coupling
  • BV100 (SW100) oil package

Main application areas: food processing, preservation and packaging; packaging of non-food products.

LC 205

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LC 305

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