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Rated capacity: 205 – 365m3/h

The new LC 205 and LC 305 lubricated vacuum pumps are available in a special HV series designed for packaging lines where the pump is moved in boxes. In this HV series, the exhaust flow of cooling air is directed downward, preventing hot air from getting trapped inside the enclosure. In the LC 205HV and LC 305HV versions, the new suction fixture is equipped with both frontal and vertical dual connections to the utility line.

Oil lubricated vacuum pump LC 205HV / LC 305HV

The LC 205HV and LC 305HV pumps come standard with:

  • Suction fixture with double connection
  • Oil check valve
  • Exhaust cleaner
  • Automatic float oil recovery valve
  • Ballast with manual exclusion valve
  • Anti-vibration
  • Filter with bypass
  • Motor transmission with flexible coupling
  • SW100 oil package

Main application areas: food packaging.

LC 205HV

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LC 305HV

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