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Rated capacity: 410 – 915m3/h

The compact size, the possibility of fractional operation of the system (meaning that when the full flow rate is not needed, only some of the installed units can be used, significantly reducing energy consumption), lower maintenance costs, reduced installed power and absence of power spikes at startup are just some of the advantages of our system.

In addition, it is possible to perform uninterrupted maintenance on the XC system. The control panel is equipped with thermal protection, a general system off switch, selector switches for the individual pumps and associated hour counters.

Oil lubricated vacuum pump XC 405 / XC 605 / XC 905

XC systems come standard with:

  • Exhaust cleaner
  • Suction filters
  • Manometer for filter clogging
  • Ballast
  • Oil check valve
  • Pack of BV100 oil

Main application areas: food packaging and food forming

XC 405

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XC 605

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XC 905

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