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Rated capacity: 12 – 75 m³/h 8.2 – 44.2 CFM

Our CPV 12/25 – 25/25 – 40/25 – 60-25 industrial vacuum pumps are advanced vacuum systems with air-liquid separators specifically designed for use on glass and marble processing machines, as well as on machines where it is necessary to vacuum cooling lubricants. DVP’s CPV systems come as complete and compact units, ideal for seamless integration with your machines via flexible piping.

With their reliable performance and durability, these systems meet the stringent requirements of industrial environments. In addition, the inlet of the tank is equipped with a ball valve, making it possible to isolate the tank from the system during maintenance operations. This promotes efficiency and simplifies the maintenance process, resulting in smooth operation of your machines productivity.

DVP CPV 12/25 – 25/25 – 40/25 – 60-25

The lubricated vane vacuum pumps used in CPV systems belong to the WR series. These pumps are equipped with a highly efficient ballast device, which allows the remaining condensate to be separated from the oil and discharged when the pump is not in operation. This innovative design ensures optimal operation and maintenance of pump systems, keeping your process running smoothly and ensuring reliability.

DVP’s industrial vacuum pumps CPV 12/25 – 25/25 – 40/25 – 60/25 are equipped as standard with:

  • Tank of 25 liters treated with anodic oxidation
  • Sealing lid with galvanizing treatment

Main areas of application: machines for marble and glass processing.

DVP CPV 12/25

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DVP CPV 25/25

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DVP CPV 40/25

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DVP CPV 60-25

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