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Rated capacity: 5 – 6m3/h

Our LC 2 and LC 4 lubricated vacuum pumps are compact in size and produce little noise, making them perfect for a variety of applications. These pumps are ideal for evacuating small sealed containers and offer excellent performance. The LC 2 pump is specifically designed for continuous suction within a pressure range of 500 to 10 mbar (Abs), while the LC 4 pump excels in versatility and reliability.

Oil lubricated vacuum pump lc 2 / lc 4

The LC 2 and LC 4 pumps come standard with:

  • Oil check valve, integrated into the structure, which guarantees perfect isolation of the system when the pump is stopped in vacuum
  • FKM gaskets, which guarantee a perfect seal and a long service life
  • Exhaust cleaner
  • Gravity oil recovery valve
  • Rotor and pump body with the special NPO anti-oxidation treatment, which increases their hardness and makes them resistant to oxidation generated by drawing flows with high percentages of condensables
  • Thermal protection (1~ only)

Main application areas: vacuum packaging machines; surgical aspirators for dentists and hospitals; mixers and dosing resins for dentists; screen printing machines; automatic sheet feeding in binding machines; wood presses; wall drilling machines for the construction industry.

LC 2

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LC 4

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